I have had work done at pretty much every shop in New York, but whenever possible, I go to Kerry. Kerry has been hooking up my bikes across 8 years and across 4 motorcycles. She is great to work with and no matter what the issue is, she makes the fix/upgrade look easy. I couldn’t have any more trust in any business she runs and highly recommend Velocita.
— Carl Ekloff
I’ve trusted Kerry to work on my Ducatis and Triumphs for over 3 years. Whether they’re bikes for my business or personal use, she’s always been honest and straightforward with what work needs to be done. She tells it how it is and doesn’t mince words, but doesn’t bite my head or come off as intimidating. She does high caliber service while still saving me money, without cutting any corners.

Now free of the restrictions of a dealership, I’m expecting the quality of Kerry’s work to only go up. I look forward to seeing her shop flourish and will continue to bring her all manner of motorcycles subjected to my neglect and NYC punishment.
— Joonil Park (BikeMinds.com and Jupiter’s Motorcycles)
I first met Kerry at Babes Ride Out East Coast. I was attending as a videographer for Triumph Motorcycles. In order to achieve this I needed to find a rider that was confident, capable and willing to ride around the desert two-up so I could take videos.

I grew up riding motorcycles and would be the first to tell you that I hate when people say “you ride that big bike? But you’re a little girl.” I also will be the first to admit, I had that exact thought when I saw Kerry cruise into the campground handling her KTM Duke like a boss. I thought to myself, “she must be good if she’s riding like that but, she’s so small.” Shortly after chatting with Kerry and hearing all of her bike knowledge and experience I had realized I found the girl I wanted to ask to hop on her bike with her.

I rode on the back of Kerry’s bike with no foot pegs, no passenger seat, just a sweatshirt tied around a hard surface to sit on for over 600 miles. I could’ve chosen some lady with a Street Glide lazy boy passenger seat but I chose Kerry because of her knowledge and ability. I never once felt unsafe with my life in her hands. That’s why I know if I ever have any bike questions or need any bike advice I now, have a life long friend I can call.
— Natalie Simmons