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Velocita is  motorcycle service and repair shop in Red Hook. I work on everything from the most current superbikes to carbureted road bikes.  With over 15 years of experience working on Ducatis, Triumphs, older BMWs, I am dedicated to doing honest work and being a trustworthy shop in an industry where that is not always the perception.  

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I can do an oil change, a custom build, or anything in between.
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Great job on my Speed Triple 2001

24000 miles valves adjustment, forks oil change and adjustment, perfect setting for me, well job done!!!
After severals different garages ...This is the best.

Kerry is very knowledgeable and honest.

Thank you Kerry

Kerry is dope. She knows your bike better than you do and she’s an honest and loving mechanic/guru who only suggests what is in the best interest of you and your ride.

Do yourself a favor, and give her a call next time you have a question mark about your sled.

I have had work done at pretty much every shop in New York, but whenever possible, I go to Kerry. Kerry has been hooking up my bikes across 8 years and across 4 motorcycles. She is great to work with and no matter what the issue is, she makes the fix/upgrade look easy. I couldn’t have any more trust in any business she runs and highly recommend Velocita.
I’ve trusted Kerry to work on my Ducatis and Triumphs for over 3 years. Whether they’re bikes for my business or personal use, she’s always been honest and straightforward with what work needs to be done. She tells it how it is and doesn’t mince words, but doesn’t bite my head or come off as intimidating. She does high caliber service while still saving me money, without cutting any corners.

Now free of the restrictions of a dealership, I’m expecting the quality of Kerry’s work to only go up. I look forward to seeing her shop flourish and will continue to bring her all manner of motorcycles subjected to my neglect and NYC punishment.

Velocita (Kerry) has been, by far, the best experience I’ve had with any mechanic. The communication was excellent via e-mail (didn’t even have to pick up the phone). Quick, honest responses that showed she took the time to look into all issues, analyze the problems and offer good advice. This seems to be something that eludes most places in this business.

Going past the “customer experience”, the service on my bike was excellent. Problem was solved promptly, with no surprises (again, communication throughout process was great). The bike runs now better than ever.

The cost for the services is industry average, Kerry will explain the quote in detail and work with you. The process was just very professional, honest and trustworthy.

All in all, trust your bike with Kerry, she’s the best!