Riding across the Himalayan Mountains (photo by Noah Conopask)

Riding across the Himalayan Mountains (photo by Noah Conopask)


I will work on your bike as if it were my own by choosing the best parts for your desired outcome - often using manufacturer spec parts. Your business is important to me and I want you to trust me with your bike, so I promise to be honest and straightforward. Iā€™m happy to answer any questions you may have.

About Me


I own Velocita. I am the owner, operator and face behind the curtain. I began my mechanical career working on cars: the first car I owned was hit and "totaled," so I learned to fix it myself and was hooked on wrenching. Later, I went to school to work on race cars and then fell in love with motorcycles. Since then, I have worked on street bikes and race bikes at both independent performance shops and dealerships. I have experience in all aspects of the industry: service, parts, sales, technician and management. To read a little more about me click here.